Nani’s Kitchen

This is a site where i wanted to bring all recipes from world into one place. Make cooking easy and enjoyable. Many love cooking so they enjoy cooking. we all need accept the fact that cooking is also like many other household works that we need to do even if we don’t like them to do, some of us are afraid of cooking some of us feel boring and hard so I just want to make cooking easy. I also like to bring some common dishes, traditional dishes and easy dishes.

I always loved cooking, being brought up in a family where my mother and both my grand mothers had a very good name in cooking and people always used to praise them so much as my mother or my grandmother would never allow anyone to go without eating in our house and anyone would not like to go without tasting the delicious food, may be my love for cooking started from my childhood, but only got a chance to cook after getting married, but always enjoyed cooking and feeding others.

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Let The Vote Decide

Create your own free polls and Surveys and Share with your family, friends or the entire world

InstaPollz is an exclusive network of polls and surveys for individuals, businesses, and organizations.  I won’t go into details of how it is useful for businesses and organizations, but as an individual, I think this is a site that provides a solution for a long-standing problem… having access to first hand information.  All thorugh our lives we have depended on what others tell us.  We come across some numbers put together by random people on random topics and we take it as fact.  But, we know better… we know that those facts are as factual as earth is flat.

Instapollz however is different.  Here, you can create your own poll and share it with focus groups.  You can literally target groups of like minded people and get an instant answer to your question.


Many a times, we come across questions where we simply need second opinion, or just want to know what is the popular choice.  In other words, we just want to know what is the choice of majority of people, and that’s it…. That is all we need to know to pick a product, or a school or just a movie for the weekend.  And as usual we get all kinds of answers from google search.  but with Instapollz you can get first hand information.

This is just the beginning of what instapollz can offer.  I highly recommend using the site for yourself… and let the vote decide.